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Heating and Air Conditioning in Beach Grove, IN

Quality Home Solutions can help you live comfortably through the sweltering heat of summer and the cold chilly winter months with our heating and air conditioning services in Beach Grove, Indiana. We are dedicated to giving you the best heating and cooling installation, repair and maintenance for both residential and commercial buildings. We offer installation of our products with great warranties include new Trane and Carrier heating and cooling products. Some of these include air conditioners, furnace systems, geothermal heat pumps, and other systems. Our team also offers repair and maintenance services so that your systems are always in good condition and working properly. Whether you have a large repair or small maintenance needs for your heating and cooling system, we offer 24 hour emergency repair services. Let us offer you peace of mind during the changing of the seasons by keeping your home and family comfortable. 

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Geothermal Heating and Cooling Services in Beach Grove, IN

Geothermal heating and cooling systems are making way across the world. As prices for other sources of energy rise, geothermal heating and cooling gives you more cost efficient energy while conserving the earth’s resources. Making the switch to a geothermal heat pump system may be the right choice for you and your family in Beach Grove, Indiana. Quality Home Solutions can help you by installing your new geothermal heating and cooling system, as well as provide maintenance processes in your home so you can relax and enjoy all of the benefits. 

We carry a variety of brands including Trane and Carrier heat pumps to give you the best possible brands and products. The Carrier heat pump with Greenspeed technology intelligence gives you the best heating and cooling comfort for your home or business. This geothermal heat pump is high efficiency, with ultra quiet performance. Our Trane heat pumps pull from both the stored energy in the ground and outdoor air to comfortably heat and cool your home in Beach Grove, Indiana. 

After installing a geothermal system you can heat and cool your home and water. This self-efficient system reduces your environmental impact and even helps you save money on fuel bills and installation costs. If you are looking for a simple way to cut down on monthly costs, a geothermal heating and cooling system in Beach Grove, IN might be a great fit. Geothermal systems heat your home with natural sustainable heat from the earth’s crust, using that source to store heat and keep your home and water cool during the summer months. This process is safe and cost effective allowing you to spend your money where you need it the most. Start saving money and natural resources by calling Quality Home Solutions today.

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Beach Grove, IN Indoor Air Quality Services

Our highly skilled indoor air quality team at Quality Home Solutions uses specialized equipment to improve your indoor air quality and prevent future illnesses to develop from allergens, dust, debris and bacteria. Servicing your home with indoor air quality systems is highly recommended by doctors and allergists in the Beach Grove, Indiana area. One of our best systems is the REME HALO™ product to help kill germs in the air and remove harmful gases. We also install and maintain UV lights to help kill bacteria and germs in the air as well as top products from Aprilaire. Some of our Aprilaire products include purifiers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ventilation systems and thermostats. Quality Home Solutions strives to give you the best possible brands and product models in the industry to maintain your indoor air quality. 

Our indoor air quality systems keep your home comfortable any time of the year. Many people do not know that their heating and cooling systems are simply spreading around air filled with bacteria throughout the home. Not only is this problematic for allergy suffers, but it also has negative effects on people’s overall health. The indoor air quality systems from Quality Home Solutions help keep your family healthy and happy, and your home smelling fresh.

If you already have an indoor air quality system in your Beach Grove, IN home, be sure to contact our team for proper care, maintenance and cleaning of the heating and cooling system. Our certified staff and technicians will give you friendly, efficient service while ridding your home or business of allergens and bacteria.

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Beach Grove, Indiana

Quality Guarantee Information in Beach Grove

Quality Home Solutions is your Beach Grove, Indiana professional heating and cooling company. Our services are guaranteed from any defects in materials or problems with our workmanship. We provide fast, quality service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team can help solve problems that may arise in your home from needing emergency repairs, to new system installations. If you are looking for fast, quality heating and cooling services, Quality Home Solutions is here to service your home.

If you are in need of repairs, maintenance or a check-up to improve your overall comfort, you can rely on our heating and cooling team in Beach Grove, IN. We give our customers a promise. If our services and customer care isn’t exactly what you wanted, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. These policies are the best in the industry, leaving all of our heating and cooling customers happy. 

When we work on your heating and cooling systems, install a new furnace or air conditioner, or provide emergency services, you can expect the following from Quality Home Solutions: 

You approve the price BEFORE we start your work
Drop cloths are used on EVERY job to protect your home
We wear shoe covers to avoid damaging your flooring
We clean up after ourselves before we leave
Quality workmanship at a fair price
100% satisfaction guarantee 

One of the things we like to explain to our valued heating and cooling customers is the importance of regular maintenance. Having regularly scheduled maintenance on your heating and air conditioning system can reduce costly breakdowns by as much as 95% allowing you to catch the problem before it is out of control. Maintaining your system and making sure it is functioning properly can also reduce your utility bills by as much as 30%. If your system breaks down after receiving a tune-up, we’ll give you a full refund so you never wasted a penny. 

Our family owned and operated heating and cooling business has been serving the Beach Grove, IN area for over 20 years. We understand the importance of repairing and maintaining your systems when you need it most. That is why we provide emergency furnace repair and emergency air conditioning repair services to our customers. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to receive quality professional care in your time of need. We even promise everyday service calls a same day service guarantee or your money back. 

When you work with the Quality Home Solutions team you can be sure that we will give you a full refund if you are not happy with the work we have performed. We offer quality work at a fair price, and make sure that you accept the price before we begin work. Our team will always use drop clothes and clean up after our time at your home or business. Let us provide you with the best possible heating and cooling services to give you comfort and peace of mind. 

New Installation

Heating Company Furnace Repair Greenwood IN

Our manufacturers of the heating, cooling and indoor air quality systems we provide offer the best warranties in the industry.

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Heating & A/C Repair

Greenwood IN Air Conditioning Repair

When we call, a trained heating and cooling professional is already on his way. We provide Same Day Service!

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Allergy Sufferers

Indoor Air Quality, AC Repair Installation Greenwood IN

Do You Have Mold? Duct cleaning is an important step to improve your indoor air quality and improve your health.

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Indoor Air Quaility

Furnace Installation AC Repair in Greenwood IN

To help you protect the health and comfort of your family, the only truly effective solution is a whole-house solution.

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