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Does My Heating Company in Greenwood Do Geothermal Heating?

What is Geothermal Heating?
Geothermal heating involves using the heat of the Earth’s crust as a natural heat source. The heat source is coming from magma within the earth’s crust, this natural heat has 50,000 times more energy than any energy source such as oil. Using geothermal energy can contribute to keeping the earth clean and has the potential of longevity, flexibility is more precise than any other natural resource known to earth.

How Can You Use Geothermal Heating This Winter?
Quality Home Solutions offers both geothermal heating and cooling systems from a variety of different companies, to create precise and comfortable home conditions. This winter, take advantage of Earth’s natural resources with a geothermal heat pump. A pipe system will be installed in the ground about 100 to 400 feet beneath your home, and from there, the pipes will extract the natural heat from the Earth’s crust and carries it to your home. If you want to stay warm this winter without a noisy, energy eating heating system, call Quality Home Solutions, your local heating company in Greenwood.

Benefits of Geothermal Heating
First and foremost, geothermal heating uses less energy and electricity than conventional heating systems. The EPA states that geothermal heating and cooling systems can reduce energy usage by 44% compared with air-source heat pumps and up to 72% compared with electric resistance heating with standard air-conditioning equipment. Geothermal heating systems also maintain a stable indoor humidity of 50% within your home, so you don’t have to invest in humidifiers and de-humidifiers. With sturdy piping, and long-standing warranties, these systems are extremely reliable. Combined with all other benefits including tranquility, these systems are incredibly advantageous.

Using a “split unit”
If switching or installing to completely 100% geothermal heating and cooling seems like a large jump for you, there is a way to combine geothermal with a propane or gas furnace. Therefore, on the coldest days, your system would switch to the most reliable or warmest air temperature source.

Quality Home Solutions
Allow your home to use clean and efficient energy to keep Earth healthy and happy. At Quality Home Solutions, we offer many geothermal heating and cooling options, and helpful videos for information, so give your local heating company in Greenwood a call today!