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Dog Days: Air Conditioning Repair in Indianapolis

Just putting the finishing touches on this letter. “Love—,” splat! Oh no, another sweat drop has ruined yet another draft of this letter. The fan just isn’t doing enough to cool it down in here. How hot is it, anyway? My thermostat doesn’t go that high. That’s it; I need air conditioning repair in Indianapolis.


Dog Days

You’ve probably heard the saying, “dog days of summer.” It seems to depict an overheated canine lying on hot asphalt, sweating buckets and making that iconic panting noise for which dogs are so famous. Also, dogs are thought to be driven mad during this period.

That seems to be the average perception about the dog days of summer, but is that really what that means? Despite how reasonable it sounds, the saying doesn’t actually have anything to do with dogs or the sun-soaked season it refers to. The “dog days of summer” refers to the constellation, Canis Major, which is visible during the months of July and August. The brightest star, Sirius, rises and sets with the sun, being visible by day and hidden at night. This led people to refer to this period as the “dog days of summer.”
The annual coming and going as well as the daily rising and setting of this star led the ancient Romans to believe that it actually gave off heat to the earth. This idea was debunked in the first century BC, but that didn’t change the fact that it did get hot at that point in every season, and dogs really did get sick and could even go mad during this time. Over a long period of time, this phrase lost its original meaning and had this new perception of mad dogs take its place.

Air Conditioning Repair in Indianapolis

Living in the present age, we no longer have as much to worry about during the dog days of summer. First of all, with animal control services, there are fewer dogs roaming the streets with the potential for going mad. Secondly, the rise of modernity has brought air conditioning into the picture. Apart from many other issues that have been solved since antiquity, air conditioning gives us the option to stay home in order to beat the heat.

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