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Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Greenwood, IN

Geothermal heating and cooling systems use the naturally renewable temperature of the earth’s crust as a heat source in the winter, and as a heat sink in the summer to heat and cool your home and your water, saving you money, and saving the earth’s resources.


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At Quality Home Solutions, we are so confident in our scheduling, if we don’t perform same day service on your central furnace or air conditioning system, or don’t show on time for any reason, we will waive the service visit fee! Trust us for reliable heating and cooling solutions in Greenwood, Indiana.


At Quality Home Solutions, we are so confident in our scheduling, if we don’t perform same day service on your central furnace or air conditioning system, or don’t show on time for any reason, we will waive the service visit fee! Trust us for reliable heating and cooling solutions in Greenwood, Indiana.

Carrier Geothermal Systems

Our Infinity series geothermal heat pump offers precise heating and cooling, unwavering comfort, uncompromising energy efficiency and ultra-quiet cooling performance.Use your tax credit to go GREEN – GeoThermal is Clean Energy!

    • Propane, Heating Oil, and Natural Gas Prices are all expected to rise through 2020.
    • SAVE 50% ON FUEL BILLS and TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE GEOTHERMAL TAX CREDIT valid through 2019 to save up to 30% of the cost of installation!
    • It’s GREEN – Cut your carbon footprint by 50%, saving an average of four tons of CO2 a year.
    • It Heats and Cools your home, and it heats your water!
    • Special Loans, Government programs, and other incentives are available to help with going with clean energy GeoThermal Systems.
Geothermal Product Selection Guide


Key Features


GC and GZ Infinity Models


Trane Geothermal Systems

With a Trane Geothermal System, you may qualify for a 30% tax credit through 2019. Local incentives may also be available. Quality Home Solutions can help decide which system is right for you.

Trane Earth-wise Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems Are:

  • Efficient
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Comfort
  • Reliable
  • Flexible
Packed Geothermal Systems

Ideal for new construction and renovations, this geothermal HVAC system combines geothermal power into a packaged system.


Water To Water Geothermal Systems

One of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly units you can buy, this geothermal HVAC is both reliable and quiet.


Split Geothermal Systems

If you have limited installation space, consider a split geothermal HVAC heating and cooling system, which provides an efficient solution.


geothermal systems installation

Climate Master Geothermal Heat Pumps

As the world's largest manufacturer of geothermal heat pumps, ClimateMaster is committed to progressive and innovative design. Our geothermal systems are economical and sound and create a comfortable environment for your home or business. We strive for the highest quality service to maintain our reputation with customer satisfaction.

Want to Learn More? Download The Climate Master Heating and Cooling Brochure

This brochure has been developed as a guide to introduce you to geothermal technology. Using a question and answer format, we’ve tried to provide you with the most popular topics that have been requested by consumers.

6 Reasons to Invest in a Water Furnace


Using the stable temperature of the earth, it is easy to regulate temperatures in the different areas of your home with a zone control system.


The WaterFurnace reputation stands strong in the industry because each unit is backed by the best warranties in the industry and will provide many years of dependable operation.


WaterFurnace systems do not disturb your peaceful surroundings or clutter your home’s outdoor appearance with giant, noisy units.


There is no combustion, flames or fumes, and no chance of carbon monoxide poisoning.


Our WaterFurnace unit provides heating, air conditioning, and domestic hot water assistance. A variety of configurations and sizes are available to fit any home no matter what climate you live in.


The air cleaners found in WaterFurnace systems are high-efficiency and can improve your indoor air quality by removing dust and pollen.

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100% satisfaction guarantee of HVAC repairs in Greenwood Indiana

100% Satisfaction

Regularly scheduled maintenance on your Greenwood heating and cooling system can reduce costly breakdowns by as much as 95% and lower utility bills by as much as 30%. WE'LL GUARANTEE 100% RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT OR IT'S FREE! If your system breaks down after our tune-up or you don't see the savings on your utility bill, we'll give you a refund. It's that simple.

HVAC carrier gas heating equipment for homes in Greenwood IN

Carrier Gas Heating Equipment for Greenwood, IN

Carrier is the world leader in heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, and has a proven history of innovation and quality heating and cooling products that improve your home comfort and efficiency. Carrier offers a range of fuel-efficient furnaces so you can choose the ideal one for your home. In the winter, it’s essential to radiating warmth. Not only that, but many of our furnaces do it all so efficiently your own heart might skip a beat when you see how low your utility bill is. Invest in quality Carrier HVAC services in Greenwood, IN.

Trane Residential & Commercial Heating and Cooling Systems

Trane Residential is a leading provider of high-efficiency home comfort systems. They manufacturer high-efficiency HVAC systems including furnaces and air conditioners designed to conserve energy and save money.

High efficiency Trane heating and airconditioning Greenwood IN systems

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