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Get Ready for Fall and Winter: Heating and Cooling in Indianapolis, IN

Are you ready for all the pretty colors that are just about to spring from the trees? How about the hayrides, the apple cider, and pumpkin carving?

For many people, autumn is their favorite time of year. The weather is getting more reasonable after the “dog days of summer,” and the fresh, crisp air combines with the changing aesthetic to make many people feel more cheerful and optimistic.

But this isn’t the whole story. The very reason for the change in leaf color is the very reason why you should make preparations for autumn and the more extreme season to follow.

Heating and Cooling in Indianapolis, IN

Nature can tell that winter is coming, and it is preparing for the long season of cold weather that always chases our cheery autumn away.

You should follow Nature’s lead and get your heating and cooling in Indianapolis, INready for the big freeze. It’s important to have a professional inspect your furnace before you actually need to use it on that fateful morning when the temperature suddenly and inevitably plummets.

Furnace Maintenance

There are plenty of ways that your furnace needs attention. This is especially true if it’s old, and it should also be inspected before it’s run for the first time in a season. Some of these things are for the proper functioning of your furnace but others are for your own safety.

1. Inspect the thermostat.  The thermostat is part of your furnace’s nervous system. It reads the temperature in your house and adjusts its functions accordingly. Make sure an HVAC specialist looks this over so your house can stay on an “even keel.”

2. Inspect the furnace filter. Clogged filters are a fire hazard, and they fill your ducts (and then your house) with filthy air. If you have allergies, this would be a good thing to stay on top of. Contact an HVAC specialist who knows what to look for when doing a filter inspection.

3. Check electrical and mechanical parts. Making sure electrical parts are working right is not only good for keeping your furnace working, it’s also good for preventing another fire hazard. The same goes for mechanical parts. HVAC systems are complicated; you definitely want a professional to look these parts over.

4. Inspect the heat exchanger for cracks. This is another important safety concern. A crack in your heat exchanger will leak carbon monoxide into your house. This is a big deal. Make sure an HVAC specialist inspects this crucial detail.

There are plenty more things to check, but these are some of the main functioning and safety measures to inspect before turning your furnace on for the season. Remember, for heating and cooling in Indianapolis, IN, have a specialist look your HVAC system over to ensure its proper functioning and safety for you and your family.

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