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Have a Cooler Summer with a Family Stay-cation: AC Repair Indianapolis, IN

The summer season is quickly approaching, and you know what that means (aside from spring cleaning, picnics, and last minute AC repair in Indianapolis, IN). School is finally out! Kids come rushing out the doors of their schools, cheering in an uncontained excitement about the surprises and adventures this summer has in store.

 Jimmy, your youngest son, hops in your minivan parked directly in front of the school.

 “Mom!” Jimmy exclaims. “Derek said he’s going to Hawaii on vacation next week! Cindy said her grandparents are taking her to DISNEY! Where are WE going on vacation this year?”

 Uh Oh. You may have failed to remind Jimmy that a lavish vacation simply isn’t in the cards this year. You turn around to face Jimmy.

“Honey, Mommy and Daddy are planning a SUPER special vacation for the family this year. In fact, here’s the cool part: we don’t have to go anywhere! We’re having a STAY-cation!

You expect Jimmy to see right through your over-the-top enthusiasm—but instead he smiles and exclaims, “Awesome! None of my friends have EVER done that before! What are we going to do?”

But First, AC Repair in Indianapolis, IN

You quickly pull out your cell phone, remembering that before this Stay-cation happens, you need to invest in AC repair in Indianapolis, IN. You can’t create a memorable Stay-cation for your family with a stuffy, humid home. Thankfully, Quality Home Solutions is a quick phone call away, and they have a terrific reputation with the other families in your neighborhood.

One Week Later

It’s finally time to start the special Stay-cation that you have been planning for weeks. Thanks to Quality Home Solutions and their quick, efficient AC repair in Indianapolis, IN, your home is cool and breezy – a wonderful contrast from the sticky heat outside your window. While your older kids initially groaned at the idea of family bonding time in the home, they’re now enjoying homemade shaved ice and watching a few of your favorite summer-themed films. You smile to yourself.

“What a terrific summer,” you think.  Your home may not be Hawaii or Disney World, but, hey, it’s incredibly cool and comfortable thanks to your reliable, affordable ac repair in Indianapolis, Indiana. You take a long sip of your sweetened iced tea and start brainstorming for next year’s Stay-cation.

Quality Home Solutions

With over 20 years of experience in AC Repair in Indianapolis, IN, Quality Home Solutions has proven success and valuable experience in the industry. We are proud to offer both Trane and Carrier home comfort systems, and we’re pleased to provide you and your home with high quality heating and cooling services. Call Quality Home Solutions for a consultation at (317) 791-4328.