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Pure Comfort with Heat Pumps

Imagine sitting in your toasty home and watching the snow fall outside. No shivering. No reaching for two fleece blankets. Just pure, unadulterated comfort. That's precisely what investing in a high-quality heat pump can do for your home. We offer both Trane heat pumps and Carrier heat pumps, both of which can provide outstanding heating to your home. Additionally, if you already own a heat pump, Quality Home Solutions is able to repair it, replace it, or assist with long-term maintenance. For more information on heat pump repair, installation, or maintenance call our offices!

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At Quality Home Solutions, we are so confident in our scheduling, if we don’t perform same day service on your central furnace or air conditioning system, or don’t show on time for any reason, we will waive the service visit fee! Trust us for reliable heating and cooling solutions in Greenwood, Indiana.


At Quality Home Solutions, we are so confident in our scheduling, if we don’t perform same day service on your central furnace or air conditioning system, or don’t show on time for any reason, we will waive the service visit fee! Trust us for reliable heating and cooling solutions in Greenwood, Indiana.

Heat Pump Rating Guide

In this heat pump rating guide, we explain what goes into the heat pump ratings you read on WebHVAC. You’ll understand what we’re looking for so you can evaluate each unit in light of your own priorities for the heat pump you ultimately choose.


Operating Costs

Heat pump ratings in this category are based on energy efficiency, measured in SEER, for how well heat pumps cool. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating and details how much cooling the unit gets from each unit of electricity it uses. It’s a lot like gas mileage. Heating efficiency is measured in HSPF which stands for Heating Seasonal Performance Factor. SEER and HSPF tend to go hand in hand.

The least efficient heat pumps on the market are 13 SEER units and they get 1 star. 14-15 SEER units are 2 stars, 16-17SEER units are 3 stars, and 18-19 SEER units are 4 stars. The most efficient are 20 SEER and above, and they get 5-star heat pump ratings for efficiency. As you review the operating costs rating, keep a couple of things in mind. First, the more efficient the heat pump is the more it will cost.

The flip side of efficiency is that the more efficient a heat pump is, the less energy it uses and the less it will cost to operate. You’ll pay more up front but less over the long-haul for an efficient model.

Secondly, a high-efficiency heat pump may not be the right choice for all homes. For example, if you live in a very mild climate, without very cold winters or very hot summers, a 13-15 SEER heat pump might be your most cost-effective choice when you balance equipment costs with ongoing operating costs. In hot climates, an efficient heat pump is the best choice and in cool climates, a high-efficiency, dual fuel heat pump paired with a gas furnace makes the most sense. Choose an efficiency level that is right for the weather where you live. Don’t be turned off by a 2-star rating if that’s what’s most economical for your climate.


The basic factor that sets heat pumps apart in terms of features is the operation of the compressor. Standard heat pumps have a single-stage compressor. It’s either on at 100% or its off. Two-stage compressors, dual compressors or modulating compressor run on lower power to maintain heating and cooling and on high power to boost it when needed. Staged heating and cooling is slightly more efficient and it also helps to create more balanced temperatures and better humidity control. Other features that affect our heat pump ratings in this category include the presence of communicating technology, internal pressure switches, upgraded coil guards, and other types of premium equipment.

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100% Satisfaction

Regularly scheduled maintenance on your Greenwood heating and cooling system can reduce costly breakdowns by as much as 95% and lower utility bills by as much as 30%. WE'LL GUARANTEE 100% RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT OR IT'S FREE! If your system breaks down after our tune-up or you don't see the savings on your utility bill, we'll give you a refund. It's that simple.

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Carrier Gas Heating Equipment for Greenwood, IN

Carrier is the world leader in HVAC systems and has a proven history of producing high-quality products that improve your home comfort and efficiency. Carrier offers a range of fuel-efficient heating systems so you can choose the ideal one for your home. Many of our furnaces are so efficient that your heart may just skip a beat when you take a look at your monthly utility bill. Invest in the best Carrier HVAC services in Greenwood, IN.


Trane Residential & Commercial Heating and Cooling Systems

Trane Residential is a top producer of high-quality home comfort systems. The HVAC company manufactures high-efficiency HVAC systems for customers across the country. These systems are specially designed to both conserve energy and save the client money.

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