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Indianapolis Thermostat Installation- Only the Best for Your Nest

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The Thermostat Fight is Over!

Quality Heating and Cooling, a division of Quality Home Solutions is proud to ring the final bell of the eternal thermostat fight! When you are looking for your next thermostat installation in Indianapolis IN, Nest Learning Thermostat has everything for which you’ve been looking. With it’s easy to use functions, modern appearance, and Energy Star certified technology you will save money, resources, and have control of your thermostat at your fingertips. There will be no need to fight over the temperature of the household since Nest learns from you. It remembers temperature ranges you prefer and even corresponds temperature settings to the correct time of day.   

Maintain Optimal Temperatures While You’re Away

To conserve energy, and save money, Nest Learning Thermostat can tell when you are away and when you are home. This feature ensures your heating and cooling is only running while you are actually at home. Nest allows you to program what temperature ranges you would like your space to maintain when you are away and lets you make a heating and cooling schedule specific to your individual preferences. As you use your Nest Learning Thermostat, you will find the need to adjust the temperature of your home diminished.

Remote Control Thermostat Access

When you are at home or even away for the day, you can access your Nest Thermostat using a handy app for your phone, tablet, or laptop! Which means when you are all cozy in bed, and you want to adjust the temperature, you don’t need to hop up, jog to the hallway to the thermostat, and then try to get settled back in bed. Just grab your smartphone, make your adjustment, and drift off to dreamland. You will notice Nest Thermostat learns from your temperature changes and creates its heating or cooling schedule tailored to your habits. Do you like it colder at night? Nest Learning Thermostat will take note! You will even receive alerts on your mobile device if your home’s temperature is too hot or cold, and if your heating or cooling unit is malfunctioning. You don’t have to remember to change your filter; Nest has your back and will send you a reminder.

Nest Energy Reports

A fantastic feature of Nest Learning Thermostat, are the reports you receive showing you how much energy you have saved and which days you used the most or least power. Nest Thermostat can keep track of humidity and compiles weather data to compare it to your energy usage showing you reasons why you may have had increased or decreased use. When you select temperatures in an energy saving range, you receive a Nest Leaf, letting you know this setting saves energy. Nest even shows you a comparison of your energy use versus other Nest users in your area.

The Best Upgrade with Nest Thermostat Installation in Indianapolis

Quality Heating and Cooling makes thermostat installation in Indianapolis, IN a cinch. Nest Learning Thermostats are a fantastic upgrade for your home that saves you time and money.  The Nest product line doesn’t stop at thermostats. You can link the Nest Learning Thermostat with Nest home security systems, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, cameras, and doorbells for the ultimate smart home experience. Fill out our online form today to get started!