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Make a Warm Home Your New Year’s Resolution with Heating Repair Indianapolis

The year of 2016 has finally come to an end, and although our team at Quality Home Solutions is sad to see it go, we’re incredibly excited to see what’s in store for the New Year! The dawn of a new year is usually the time when many people start making resolutions. Maybe you’re hoping to make a few more trips to the gym this year to try and cancel out the numerous slices of pumpkin pie you’ve happily consumed during the holiday season. Maybe your resolution is to do more reading (if so, you’re off to a good start), or begin keeping a nightly journal. How about the common resolution to finally make those long put off repairs to your home, such as heating repair? You’ve been wearing multiple sweaters for the last few months in hopes of compensating for the extremely frigid air inside your home, and you don’t even have to refrigerate food anymore because the air in your kitchen is colder than that of your refrigerator. If this sounds remotely like something that’s happening in your life, then it may be time to fulfill this New Year’s resolution. But how can you tell if you’re in need of heating repair in Indianapolis? Here are a couple of helpful indications:

Turning up the Thermostat Doesn’t Make a Difference

While this may seem obvious, a lot of people don’t keep record of how many times they change the thermostat throughout the day. Many individuals simply turn the thermostat up or down and completely forget about it later. One thing that may help you keep track of the state of your heater is by keeping track of when the thermostat was changed on a piece of paper or in a notebook. Write yourself a little note every time you turn it up or up, and then another note a couple hours later if you feel a difference in the air or not. Make sure no one else is turning the thermostat down without your knowledge, as that tends to be common in a house with multiple people living in it. By keeping close track of your thermostat, you can figure out if it’s truly making a difference or not.

Unusual Noises Coming from Your Heater

If you’re noticing noises coming from the heater that sound like something from the Fire Swamp, there’s probably something that’s not quite right. If you’re consistently hearing a clanging sound, a loud rumbling, or irritating clicking, something is out of place in your heating system. You could have a broken fan belt, or even a small crack within the heat exchanger. Either way, a dysfunctional heater requires immediate attention, as it not only leaves your house cold, but it could put your home in danger of a gas leak! That’s why it’s so important to inspect your furnace carefully, and rely on heating and cooling repair professionals when your heater is in need heating repair.

Quality Heating and Cooling – Heating Repair in Indianapolis

Quality Home Solutions is proud to be your expert on heating repair in Indianapolis. We have over 23 years of experience installing and repairing furnaces, geothermal heating and cooling, and heating systems in Indianapolis. For your temperature regulation needs, we suggest our new Nest thermostat. This thermostat is easy to install, and it saves you money by learning your habits and optimizing the temperature of the room accordingly. The Nest thermostat will even save you up to 12% on your monthly heating bill! For more information on the Nest thermostat and our heating repair in Indianapolis, just call the Quality Home Solutions office at (317) 791-4328.