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Spring Cleaning Tips from Your Heating and Cooling Contractor in Indianapolis

As spring approaches, everyone is looking to open their windows and let the fresh, crisp air into their homes once again. It’s time to dust off the winter blues! Spring cleaning can be a daunting process. Where do you begin?! We would love to lend you a hand. Here are a few tips that we’ve compiled for you:


Your Friendly Heating and CoolingContractor in Indianapolis Says:

Break it down room by room. Don’t just go running around the house with a duster willy-nilly! Create a starting point for yourself and don’t stop until that room is finished, then you can move on to the next.

-Your Basement:

Start at the bottom! It is important that there is no moisture in your basement. Having an efficient air conditioning system will help keep things humidity-free. Your furnace is most likely located down here. Clean it out—wipe down the motor, blower, and the filter system.

-Your Outdoor AC Unit:

Upkeep of this machine is very important, but also quite easy. Take a low-pressure hose and clean off any debris that may have gotten on top or around the sides, like dirt or grass clippings. Any heating and cooling contractor in Indianapolis would tell you how simple and quick this spring cleaning hack is!

-The Bathrooms:

Every year, make sure to wipe down the exhaust in every bathroom in your home. By doing so, it will ensure that your home has a proper airflow.

-The Kitchen:

A dirty oven is a sad oven. Now is the time to clean it out to ensure it is working at its highest efficiency.

-Your Living Room:

As the warmer weather humidity approaches, our heating and cooling contractor in Indianapolis suggests that you caulk windows and doors to retain the comfortability of your home.

-The Bedrooms:

And lastly, eliminate dust mites by checking that you have a proper filter in every room. Dust mites can trigger asthma and allergies quicker than you can say “dust mites”!
There you have it, folks. Every tip and trick in the book that your heating and cooling contractor in Illinois could tell you to quickly spring clean your home. Now get out those dusters and cleaning supplies and get to work!

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