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Nest Protect Thermostat

Being “the smoke alarm other alarms look up to,” the Nest Protect smoke alarm is truly the future of smoke and carbon monoxide detection. No longer will you hear that abrasive, vague “beep, beep, beep, beep!” that goes on and on until you find a chair and hit the button or pull the battery out.

Also, the Nest Protect checks its own batteries, so you won’t be periodically annoyed by the little “chirp” that conventional smoke detectors use to let you know when the battery needs changing. Instead, you’ll get a message on your phone that lets you know when it is time to change the batteries.

In fact, there are no beeps or chirps at all. The Nest Protect gives you alerts in a friendly, human voice. It will tell you the nature of the problem and what room it is in.

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At Quality Home Solutions, we are so confident in our scheduling, if we don’t perform same day service on your central furnace or air conditioning system, or don’t show on time for any reason, we will waive the service visit fee! Trust us for reliable heating and cooling solutions in Greenwood, Indiana.


At Quality Home Solutions, we are so confident in our scheduling, if we don’t perform same day service on your central furnace or air conditioning system, or don’t show on time for any reason, we will waive the service visit fee! Trust us for reliable heating and cooling solutions in Greenwood, Indiana.

Nest Protect Phone Connectivity

Apart from the standard alarm that calls out into the room, you’ll also get alerts on your phone. You’ll be able to see what the alert is, and you’ll have the ability to shut off the alarm if you have everything under control.


When you get up at night for a glass of water or a midnight snack, the Nest Protect will light up when you walk underneath it. Our customers are so fond of this feature that we made it better and brighter.

Other Nest Products

The Nest Protect smoke alarm works together with the Nest Thermostat and the Nest Cam Indoor to give you the best possible security and protection for your family and possessions. For example, if there is a carbon monoxide warning, the Nest Protect can tell the Nest Thermostat to turn the heat off so that no more carbon monoxide will leak into your home.

Nest Thermostat

Your thermostat is in control of half of your energy bill. That’s why we’ve come up with a smart thermostat that learns your habits and will optimize the temperature in your home accordingly. With this thermostat in your home, you can save 12% on heating and 15% on cooling costs in Indiana.

Over time, the Nest Thermostat will learn your schedule, which will encourage it to keep your house the way you like it at all times of the day. If you usually turn the temperature up right before breakfast, it will begin warming the house shortly before you get up each morning. And if you like it to be a bit cool as you sleep, it will keep the temperature down during the night.

The Nest Thermostat comes in 4 different colors: copper, silver, white, and black. So you can be sure that this new thermostat will fit in and look nice with your current décor. Call us to get the most reliable Nest Protect thermostat installation. We are eager to work with you!


Nest Thermostat Phone Connectivity

Your Nest Thermostat can be connected to your phone so you can make use of a variety of features. First of all, you can make changes to your thermostat’s settings from your phone: you can change the temperature remotely, get alerts, and look at reports concerning energy consumption or other specifications and information.

Using sensors and your phone’s location function, the Nest Thermostat knows when you’re away and will set itself to an Eco temperature in order to save energy while you’re away.

Other Nest Products

The Nest Thermostat works together with the Nest Protect smoke alarm and the Nest Cam Indoor to ensure the maximum efficiency of your home’s security and heating and cooling system.

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Regularly scheduled maintenance on your Greenwood heating and cooling system can reduce costly breakdowns by as much as 95% and lower utility bills by as much as 30%. WE'LL GUARANTEE 100% RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT OR IT'S FREE! If your system breaks down after our tune-up or you don't see the savings on your utility bill, we'll give you a refund. It's that simple.

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Carrier Heating & Cooling Products

Carrier is the world leader in heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, and has a proven history of innovation and quality heating and cooling products that improve your home comfort and efficiency. Carrier offers a range of fuel-efficient furnaces so you can choose the ideal one for your home. In the winter, it’s essential to radiating warmth. Not only that, but many of our furnaces do it all so efficiently your own heart might skip a beat when you see how low your utility bill is. Invest in quality Carrier HVAC products in Greenwood, IN.

Trane Heating and Cooling Systems

Trane Residential is a leading provider of high-efficiency home comfort systems. They manufacturer high-efficiency HVAC systems including furnaces and air conditioners designed to conserve energy and save money. You won't be disappointed with the quality and efficiency of Trane air conditioners and heating units in Greenwood, IN.

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