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What is Your Ideal Temperature? Brought to You by a Professional Heating and Cooling Contractor – Indianapolis, IN

Temperature preferences are like snowflakes: no two are exactly alike.  Personally, I enjoy tropical temperatures as humid as the monsoon season in Bangladesh. In contrast, my brother Jim prefers temperatures to be a little cooler. And by a little, I mean colder than surface of Pluto. This caused more than a few issues when we were growing up. I’d turn the heat up to 78 degrees, and soon Jim would come around and plug in one of his mega-fans while he turned the thermostat down to 45 degrees. Even though all temperature preferences are slightly different, we can usually put your general preference into one of three categories:

Your Ideal Temperature as Told by a Heating and Cooling Contractor – Indianapolis, IN




Do you find yourself watching the movie “Frozen” over and over again, pining to live in a land like Elsa’s? Are you consistently cocooning yourself in your blanket, or finger painting the inside of a frozen window? Are you storing frozen food on your countertop? Are penguins your kindred spirit? If so, the ideal climate of your home is COLD. You feel uncomfortable and anxious if the temperature soars above 65 degrees, and nothing makes you happier than walking into your chilly home during the hot days of summer. If your air conditioningmalfunctions, you call a heating and cooling contractor in Indianapolis, IN IMMEDIATELY!



Do you like wearing a sauna towel all day? Have you considered trying to tan in your home? Are you thinking about setting up a beach volleyball court in your family room? Are you orange? Do you like glow sticks and cheap bead necklaces? Do you wear floral shirts and Jason Mraz beach fedoras? Do you sleep without a blanket? If you answered YES to any of these questions, our heating and cooling contractor in Indianapolis, IN thinks your ideal temperature is HOT! Your skin crawls at the very thought of the cold, and you’d rather live on the surface of the sun than in a frigid home.




Do people often overlook you? Do you like Katy Perry or Dave Matthews Band? Do you have a mortgage? Do you like plain bagels with plain spread? Do you have 2.5 kids and live in the suburbs? If so, you are average. You’re flexible in both chilly and warm temperatures and couldn’t care less whether the thermostat reads 68 or 71 degrees. Congratulations! You are a normal human being. Quality Home Solutions wants to help you maintain a comfortable, moderate temperature with our high-end services.

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Speaking of temperatures, this March we’re promoting a terrific deal! New customers will receive a free Wi-Fi thermostat with purchase of a 10-year home maintenance program, and it must be installed by Quality Home Solutions We want to help you maintain the perfect temperature for optimal comfort in your home!

Quality Home Solutions is so confident in the power of our services that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! This means you’ll get a complete REFUND if you don’t see positive results in your heater or air conditioning unit. For more information, call our offices today at (317) 791-4328. We offer quality service, quality installation, and quality products!