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Why Invest in Furnace Installation – Indianapolis, IN

The leaves are changing and the weather is following suit. The crisp fresh air is a welcome change, and those leaves are beautiful, but before long that fresh coolness will turn cooler and cooler until it becomes COLD. The old pile of scrap metal in the basement that you call a furnace is puffing and clanking…but there’s no hot air being produced. You’ve tried your very best to bang on it (that used to do the trick) but to no avail. Inspecting it from all angles, you eventually decide to turn it off and on again…to no avail.

Despite your sophisticated efforts, you decide that it’s finally time for some brand new furnace installationin Indianapolis, IN.

Furnace Installation Indianapolis, IN

There are various benefits to getting the old clunker replaced. Beyond the obvious appeal to modern technology to keep you and your family warm and cozy this winter, a new furnace will undoubtedly work better, be more energy efficient, and raise the value of your home.

When considering new furnace installation in Indianapolis, IN, it is important to do your research. Fuel efficiency is the first place to start. Furnaces can run on gas, electricity, or oil, and while one type of furnace may work for your friend Joe’s cabin in the woods, it may not work for your home.

Gas Furnaces

Gas furnaces make use of natural gas and propane, and they are incredibly efficient in both extreme cold and heat. They tend to be priced higher than electrical furnaces upon initial purchase, but they will cost less to fuel over time due to the decreased cost of natural gas. And propane is a great alternative for homes in the country, where natural gas may not be available. If you like your home to be warm and toasty, a gas furnace might be right for you!

Electric Furnaces

These furnaces don’t have burners or a combustion chamber like a traditional gas powered furnace, but instead, they use electric coils to transmit heat when a current runs through them. The electric furnace will last between 10-15 years in conjunction with heat pumps, which means that your purchase is a long term investment, not a short term fix.

Quality Home Solutions

Whatever your need, Quality Home Solutions is here to help you tune up or replace your old furnace to make your home comfortable and safe.

This October, we are offering a furnace tune up for the discounted price of $75.00 for new customers only. Along with this limited-time offer, we will install a free Kiddie smoke detector with your furnace tune up! Make sure to mention how you heard of this offer, which is ONLY for new customers, and some restrictions will apply. Call for details.

Your home shouldn’t double as an arctic tundra, call Quality Home Solutions!